Curiosity and innovation have been my hallmark for a long time, probably since birth!
Interesting examples of such innovation and creativity include
· Creator of the UK’s first medical website in 1994 (this site)
· The first (award winning) online doctor/patient consultation service when the Internet was an infant in 1995;
· The first international eHealth Code of Ethics in 2001;
· The setting up of health services in Mustique Island and Kazakhstan against horrible odds;
· The editor and creator of ‘Quacks, The Web Footed Doctor’, the publication to introduce the Internet to doctors in 1998;
· The award winning ‘Health Informatics Europe’, the largest publication of its kind in Europe at the time
Strategic and intuitive thinker with a passion for details, hunger for visionary insights, and a terrific interest in the human condition as an astute observer of human behaviour and traits. A natural leader with a warm collegiate approach, I thrive in extreme environments (especially islands!),take St Helena, Falklands, and Kazakhstan as prime examples
Cross cultural and cross intellectual working to a highly polished degree; English and Arabic speaker; and with a long family tradition of public service, I relish new challenges and exciting adventures.
Oh, and once I was ranked 12th in the world in the 200m butterfly!
Here are some conventional words to complete the picture:
Ahmad Risk is an experienced and eclectic international medical practitioner. His range of expertise includes clinical practice; healthcare planning & management; quality and standards of healthcare; and Health Informatics. He provided consultancy services to public and private organisations, including Ministries of Health of Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Egypt; English and Scottish NHS; WHO; and the European Commission. Risk is a published author in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, including BMJ, JAMA, and JMIR.
Past Chairman of the Internet Healthcare Coalition (USA) and the British Healthcare Internet Association, Risk is a natural leader, a strategic thinker and intuition practitioner with a hunger for visionary insights, passion for details, and unwavering commitment to public service. He has a keen interest in the human condition, being an astute observer of human behaviour. All this translates to highly developed cross-cultural and cross-intellectual characteristics
Areas of expertise:
· Clinical medicine, including Occupational Health and Military Medicine
· Health systems transformation
· Consensus building and negotiation
· Enterprise and capacity building
· Clinical services development
· Health Informatics
· Project management
· Clinical information systems
· Internet eHealth technologies
· Publishing, writing and public speaking
· Research

Selected publications:
- Rodrigues RJ, Risk A. eHealth in Latin America and the Caribbean: Development and Policy Issues. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2003;5(1):e4 - 
- Risk A. Petersen C. Health Information on the Internet, Quality Issues and International Initiatives. JAMA. 2002; 287:2659-2667
- Risk A. Dzenowagis J. Review of Internet information quality initiatives. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2001; 3(4):e28. - 
- Wilson P. Risk A. How to find the good and avoid the bad or ugly: a short guide to tools for rating quality of health information on the internet. Commentary: On the way to quality. BMJ 2002; 324: 598-60